- IGNOBLE is noir inspired, quality focused, made-in-the-USA carry gear since 2009.

- We design for indispensable utility over specialized purpose.

- We promote lasting style and product lifespan over fast fashion.

- All products are hand assembled in the United States by skilled tradespersons; All materials and components are sourced from United States based vendors.

- IGNOBLE products are best suited to persons who desire a deeper connection with the things they own, as opposed to those who focus on emerging trends and disposable goods.

Our Core Values Compel Us To:

Design inherently useful, repurposable carry gear. Properly designed gear should be effortless to use, and should make the user's life dramatically easier. Gear that is adaptable to a wide variety of applications remains useful as the user's specific needs change over time.

Manufacture products with a focus on quality and durability. This means sourcing reliable, durable components from US based vendors and extensively field testing them before including them in our product line. We then feed these tested materials into a proven, technique driven, detail focused manufacturing process. The end goal of the manufacturing process is a product that functions as intended and survives extended use.

We manufacture with the expectation that product durability allows our users to form emotional attachments to their gear. Our products are not just things. They were created by human beings for human beings, and have a spirit of their own, should you choose to look so deep.

Provide honest, available, and considerate product support for our customers. We believe that people are more important than products and ethics are more valuable than earnings. As such, we hold genuine human interaction as the anchor of our operation.

About This Website:

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