Abstraction Card Wallet

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IGNOBLE Abstraction Card Wallet


The Abstraction Card Wallet is a simple, attractive, extremely durable solution for carrying your cards and cash. The folding closure keeps the contents both secure and easy to access, all in a footprint slightly larger than a credit card.

Founder's Note:

The Abstraction Card Wallet has been in my pocket for years, and will very likely continue its place there until the world moves entirely beyond plastic cards and folded bits of fabric for currency. Because of its diminutive size and ease of use, I never hesitate to bring it along when I am out and about. Because of the quality of materials and construction we use in our manufacturing process, my wallet never looks worn or old, and cleans up easily whenever it gets dirty (the wind storms in Rio Rancho can be intense!). Cast aside the expectation that a wallet must be big or bulky or complicated to be useful, and must wear out in order to look good. Our card wallet will have you covered for years to come.


- Durable, weather-resistant construction and lifetime warranty

- Made in the U.S.A.

Materials and Specifications:

- 420D nylon

- Nylon webbing

- Average Weight: 0.25 lb

- Bag Dims: 4.5" W x 2.75" H x 0.5" D

- Style Number: 11051

*All measurements are approximate

IGNOBLE Abstraction Card Wallet

IGNOBLE Abstraction Card Wallet